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Dia de Los Muertos

I have a tradition to create a painting for Day of the Dead. Each year, I honor a beloved, most often celebrity. The idea is to create the scene splayed with marigolds and food that the loved one who passed away had passion for in their life. Lighting candles, and voila, they appear.

This year I chose the county music legend, Loretta Lynn. I didn't grow up listening to her, but rather fell in love with her through the 1979 circa Sissy Spacek portrayed movie, Coal Miners Daughter. Maybe 1980?

At any rate, after seeing it, I'd listen to her records when I had babies of my own. Impressed by the balance of her poverty, career, faith and family, understanding her strain, passion for her music, keeping it together, falling apart, etc...

It was nice to see her career resurgence with new generations in later years of her life. Rocking it well into her final year, 2022. I salute and hug you Loretta!

Here is Loretta

Original painting by Victoria Cable, deep red background , center figure, skeleton , blue sparkle gown, Loretta Lynn epiphone excellent guitar, next to candles, picnic, crisco, chicken, marigolds, Grand all Opry, etc
Day of the Dead~ Loretta Lynn

Included a country picnic by Crisco, for southern cooking, of which she sponsored in many commercials. Bologna sandwich, a salute to Doo. Six glasses for her family. Her Van Leer Kentucky her house (her town)

Her guitar, and at the Grand ol Opry! Beautiful Loretta.

Measures 16x20 inches. Mixed media on watercolor paper.

With Love and honor,



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